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© Susanne Oehlschläger The emergence of diseases caused by stress

Diseases do not fall from heaven. According to the teachings of Ayurveda, a disease is the result of a "misdirected human intellect" (Pragna-aparadha). Thus was stress described in the millennia-old texts. Mood disorders are the first warning signs. They bring attention to the emergence of a disease. Anyone  who takes them seriously can possibly prevent the disease.

Ayurveda considers the human being at various levels. It recognizes the physical body (Annamaya-cosha), the energy body (Pranamaya-cosha), the mind-body (Manomaya-cosha) and the ego-body (Vinyanamaya-cosha).
The functions of our body cells are associated with these different body shells. Ayurveda attributes intelligence to the cells, because each cell has to perform a specific task. There are cells that are responsible for protein metabolism, others transport oxygen and there are also cells for feelings.

If the cells do not fulfil their function completely, then this forms  the first symptoms of stress or in other words, stress puts into motion a dysfunction of the cells. Access to one's own body becomes more difficult, to the point that it is no longer perceived. Symptoms overlap and perceptions are ambiguous. For example, loss of appetite. This results from the loss of taste. Food is tasteless and we eat this unhealthy, unregulated food without joy. Such symptoms are signs of anomalies in the system. This means that the doshas (bio-energy ordering) are out of balance. The symptoms are varied: fatigue, inattention, one feels overwhelmed and that even just listening is difficult, aggressiveness, risk-taking against life increases, for example in the form of rage while driving, the body weight gets out of control through gain or loss, the immune system is weakened. Now connect symptoms, such as negative thoughts to a disease like bronchitis. The evidence is in an incorrect path of human nature. If the stress increases and there is no action, then this will continue until the soul dies.

Ayurveda offers different options for timely compensation. It is important to recognize the imbalance early and to take initiative. At the first sign of imbalance, little rituals that we carry out for ourselves help, for example, inhaling of aromas, yogic exercises, listening to beautiful music and singing and healing. Chanting of mantras has a particularly profound effect. The use of herbal preparations can have a balancing effect. Medicinal herbs have a vegetable intelligence that reaches the cells and supports their function. Their healing is based on the breakdown of cell stress. Healthy cells support a balanced immune system. Stress is one of the biggest aggressors against a healthy immune system, leading to diseases such as cancer, dementia, Parkinsons or multiple sclerosis.

In the age-old texts of Ayurveda, the word stress is not used. There is talk of an "incorrectly controlled human intellect" (Pragna-aparadha).

Source: Presse Service Ayurveda